Do You Have a Guiding or Lucky Star?

Most of us have heard of the of “following your guiding star” to find success! I strongly suspect that this “saying” referred to the Scout Planet, or Guiding Planet, after all, ancient Hellenistic (Greek) tradition saw the plants as “moving stars”. When you examine your scout planet, you will find it gives important clues on how you can find and navigate towards your destiny! My investigations and experience have shown that they are an important indicator of the direction of self-expression.

The guiding planet is easy to find! It’s the planet in your chart immediately clockwise of the sun! In medieval astrology, it was called the “Planet of Oriental Appearance” because it appears in the eastern sky immediately before the Sun.

As such it shows a particular skill set and abilities that we can best use to express ourselves and fulfill our “purpose”. Many older writers also looked to this planet as an indicator of vocation, secondary only to the Midheaven.

“The oriental planet represents the spiritual foundation of this particular life. It is what you must graduate from and go beyond. Areas associated with your Oriental planet have to be completed. There are certain minimum requirements that your Oriental planet demands of you.” – Mohan Koparkar, Ph.D

“From ancient times, the planet crossing the eastern horizon — the astrological Ascendant — immediately before the Sun has symbolized the practical channel through which solar will and vitality is expressed… because it represents both your inner guiding principle and your innate skills and special faculties, and how both may be best realized, enhanced and applied. Your Skill Symbol shows you how to best handle and cope with the demands and opportunities of daily life in a skillful, productive and fulfilling manner, and where your inherent skills and practical abilities lie… it symbolizes the faculties and inner senses scouting your path ahead, or your ability to navigate the best course to self-realization and fulfillment.” – Michael Meyer – “The Handbook of Humanistic Astrology”.

The Morning and Event Stars

As Mercury never exceeds 28° degrees and Venus 47° ahead and behind the Sun, they most common “Scout Planets”.  This means that these two planets either appear in the morning sky just before sunrise if they rise in an earlier degree clockwise before the Sun, and is referred to as “the Morning Star” and if they set after the Sun in a later degree behind the Sun they are referred to as “The Evening Star”. The ancient Greeks called  Mercury as the evening star Hermes and the morning star Apollo, believing them to be different objects.

Venus’s appearance as the Morning and then as the Evening Start was considered as an important by Greek, Roman as well as Mayan Astrology.  As the Evening Star, it “disappears” (at lease from our perspective on earth) from the sky about two weeks after going Retrograde, it then remains hidden for about 8 days before becoming visible again as the morning star. 

When Venus disappeared, she was thought to have crossed into the underworld. As Persephone, Queen of the Underworld this period can have interesting implications in both the natal charts of individuals, as well as by transits that trigger important patters in the natal chart. I’m currently researching how this can be applied to my astrological interpretations. 

I’ll likely make it the subject of another article.  I can say, however, as a Scout Planet, Mercury individuals we tend to be more focused on the mind, planning and understanding, whereas Venus individuals would likely be more heart focused.  

Moon as your Scout Planet (updating)

With the Moon as the Scout Planet, we can often see two distinct possibilities. If other factors support, such as the Moon positioned above the horizon, or in aspect to the Midheaven, there may be some form of involvement with the public either public service or public office depending on what other factors in the chart support. It also may show the individual expresses themselves almost in an instinctual way, or be involved with a service which was taught by family or tradition. Service, caring for others in some way or another is often part of what they do. 

Mercury as your Scout Planet

With Mercury in this position, we see the Mind, Communication, Planning and ideas as the skill set used in the expression of their purpose and who they are.

In my research files, research astrologer and author Dane Rudhyar both had Mercury Scott Planet. In the case of Rudhyar, his Mercury is also conjunct Chiron (same degree), which shows a blending of these two archetypes.

This seems to fit his biography perfectly.  At the age of 12, a severe illness and surgery disabled him, and he turned to music and intellectual development to compensate for his lack of physical agility.

He studied at the Sorbonne, the University of Paris (graduating at the age of 16), and at the Paris Conservatoire. His early ventures into philosophy and his association with the artistic community in Paris led to his conviction that all existence is cyclical in character.

Influenced by Nietzsche as a youth, Rudhyar envisioned himself as a “seed man” of new-age cultural evolution. He later went on to write many books that revolutionized astrology and is considered the father of humanistic astrology. He also wrote novels, music. (updating)

Venus as your Scout Planet

With Venus as the Scout Planet, the importance of how others see you and value what you do is of primary importance. Your skills in self-expression is your diplomacy, and the ability to bring balance and harmony into the world. You are a people person and have a highly refined sense of culture, beauty. Other factors in the chart will determine how you will express this, which can range from artistically or diplomatically. Research shows a highly significant number of artists have this position in their chart, including Van Gogh and Salvador Dali to name a few.

Mars as your Scout Planet

Ambition, leadership and the ability to come up with instantaneous plans of action is seeing a lot of charts where Mars is the Scout Planet.  There is a real “get it done” energy with this placement.

You can see these qualities in the chart of mob boss John Gotti, and how he took his leadership of a criminal by forces when he took out Carlo Gambino in the violent public assassination. Of course, Mars as the scout planet alone doesn’t indicate such an extreme expression, however when combined with the Inconjunction with Saturn and Semi-Square to Mercury, as well as the Sun in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo modifies the scout planets expression. 

John Gotti was born on October 27, 1940) with Mars in Libra, inconjunct Saturn, Semi Square Mercury, Sun in Scorpio square Pluto in Leo.

Jupiter as your Scout Planet

Freedom, seeing the big picture, social involvement, enthusiasm, and inspiration are often seen in those with Jupiter as their Scout Planet. Many are seen as people that “larger than life”, and often there can be a theme of excess and indulgence with those with this placement. My “textbook” example for this position is Henry the Eight. Although most known for his eight wives, there are many other ways in which his life shows the expression of this energy.


Saturn as your Scout Planet

Martin Luther King Jr. is one of my favorite examples of this position. While Mars shows is often more of the activist, dedicated champion, and tireless in any work or cause the take-up, Saturn shows an even greater capacity for work, self-discipline and overcoming hardship and obstacles.

It’s interesting that you often see the Mars Scout person working with the Saturn Scout person, like in the case of Martin Luther King Jr. and Andrew Young Jr. who was a close friend of King, as well as an activist for the Civil Rights Movement. He became a member of Congress, mayor of Atlanta and U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. In his biography, Young credited King with giving ‘‘purpose and sustenance’’ to his life. ‘‘He left his mark on me, both in indelible memories and in the spiritual and practical lessons of our trials and triumphs,’ Young recalled. ‘It is by the quality of those days that I have come to measure my own continuing journey’.

In this example, you can see how King’s Saturn Scout Planet functions to give structure to Young’s Mars Scout Planet. Of course, the profound effect could not have been one position alone, such as the closest synergy aspect (to the exact degree) is King’s Sun sextile Young’s north node, which shows a highly fated association that changes the course of Young’s life. We also see Young’s Vesta conjunct his North Node, showing a “Sacred Purpose” being ignited by King’s Sun when we look at the chart as a whole.

King’s father, Martin Luther King Sr. (December  29, 1899) also was born with Saturn as his scout planet, with Saturn and Mars both conjunct his Sun. I’m tempted to write further on both “planetary heredity” as well as “planetary containment as these charts are textbook examples of each, however, I’ll have to save this for another article (or chapter should this become a book.

Now, just when you think you couldn’t take this further, or stack up more coincidences, consider the following. In 1934, Martin Luther King Sr. then known as Micheal King) visited German, where he was inspired by the great reformer of the Protestant Church Martin Luther. It was after this that he changed his name and his son’s name to Martin Luther King. Now for the interesting part! Martin Luther (November 10, 1483) also had Saturn as his scout planet. What are the chances? (updating)

Uranus as your Scout Planet

As with all aspects of the interpretation of an astrological chart, the same factors can be expressed very differently depending on the other mitigating factors in the chart. Take, for instance, the two cases of Uranus as the scout planet below.  

Ada Lovelace (December 10, 1915) daughter of Lord Byron is my favorite example of  Uranus conjunct Mercury as her Scott Planet. A mathematical genius she is often referred to as the inventor and first computer programmer.

In my work, I’ve been finding that if two planets are in close conjunction and Rising before the sun concert to create a unique expression. Ada is a perfect example with her  Uranus and Mercury how can together to create a unique expression that shows both as part of her solar expression.

A more recent example of Uranus as the scout planet would be Donald Trump, as evidenced by his “ Make America Great Again“ campaign focus, as well as his propensity to shake things up and create an environment of controversy where to expect the unexpected is the nor It is also notable that Trump was born on a total Lunar eclipse, which also adds an element of “history in the making” as is often seen with the north node being involved.  Placed in the 10th house, this energy is focused on achieve status, personal power, and ambition.  With both the Sun and Uranus/North node in the 10th house, 

As stated by Mohan Koparkar earlier, the scout planet indicates the “There are certain minimum requirements that your Oriental planet demands of you.” so Trump’s purpose is to shake things up in the world. I’m sure regardless of what side you may take on Trump’s politics, you would have to agree that he’s done exactly that.

Neptune as your Scout Planet

Neptune in this position is seen in the charts of Mystics, Musicians, Poets, as well as drug addicts, con-artists, and dreamers. There is a great pull to being a part of something greater than themselves, and a tendency to be extraordinarily empathic.  As such, I often see Neptune in the charts of psychologists, spiritual advisers, spiritual advisers and intuitive arts practitioners.  It also often endows those with Neptune in this position with a powerful imagination.  Neptune is one of the most easily affected planetary energies, and it’s influence is deeply affected by other aspects and placement in the chart, so these factors need to be looked at closely when interpreting how Neptune will be expressed in an individuals chart. 

Kirk Cobain (February 20, 1967) is probably one of the classic examples of this placement, with his Neptune not only his scout planet but also part of a very complex chart pattern, just as complex as he was. I’ve found that those with Neptune as a scout planet often have a certain “mystique” about them that intrigues people. If other chart factors support it, like in the case of Cobain.

Pluto as your Scout Planet

Ruled by Scorpio, Pluto is the planet of death, rebirth and transformation.  It endows the individual with a depth of insight into the reality and  often hidden nature of things, as well as the passion to expose whatever the see as  injustice, corrupt or no longer appropriate. At their highest expression, they act as agents of change,  

Pluto gives an intensity and a penetrating will  in many of the individuals with this planet as their scout planet. Philosopher, author and co-conder ot the Theosophical society, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky epitomizes this placement.. You can see how this was expressed in the motto of the society she founded “There is No Religion Higher than Truth”, and the volumes of books she authored :”The Secret Doctrine”.  

Chiron as your Scout Planet

Those with Chiron in this position these individuals often are the mavericks that set out to discover new paths in their life. As such, they are often pioneers by necessity in their field, motivated by an internal urge to discover their uniqueness, and why they are different. This quest ends of being the very thing that they become an expert in, and their contribution to the world!

One of my favorite original astrology writers wrote… “As I see it, with Chiron as the Scout planet, a person is drawn to the untrod path, led by the urge to find passageways, doorways, bridges. There is an acute awareness of the woundedness around them, which leads to the urge to heal or teach, or guide, or lead the way towards self-sufficiency.

There is a maverick quality to the way the person handles day to day efforts. Not rebellious…that’s Uranian. Rather, a person goes his own way, at his own speed, never concerned that others may be moving faster or slower, or going in a different direction. To quote Thoreau, ‘If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.’ ” – Zane Stein

As a career indicator, Chiron’s “wounded healer” archetype is often seen as an important component of what the individual with Chiron as a Scout planet offers. Many of my clients with this are healers, teachers and their work is often based on their own path of healing and self-discovery.

The bottom line with this position is self-discovering and the inner journey is a crucial part of the expression of self. The greater the “wound” that acts as the catalyst for the quest for healing and self-realization, the deeper the search and the more profound the conquest for expression of the wisdom gained as part of their life purpose.

A great example of Chiron is found in the Chart of Charles Darwin (February 12, 1809; 3:00 am; Shrewsbury, UK), with his Chiron and Sun in Aquarius, he epitomized the “Maverick” archetype with his introduction of the theory of evolution.  With both Sun and Chiron conjunct in Aquarius, the sign of revolution, radical new concepts and progressive thinking, Darwin certainly lived up to his astrological destiny.

Ceres as your Scout Planet

If Ceres is your scout planet you have a tendency to be the “earth mother / father” type and the ability to bring a practical well-being, balance and healing in whatever situation or circumstances you enter into.  As a nurturer you make things better through encouragement and support over discipline, or demanding or exerting your will on others.  Even if in a leadership role, you have the ability to engender trust and loyalty through kindness and understanding of those you work with.  I see a lot of people in position of caregiving with this placement.  

One example of Ceres as a scout planet is the chart of Indira Gandhi, who’s Sun is at 26 Scorpio 22 with Ceres conjunct and rising just before the Sun at 19 Scorpio 22. Third prime minister of India, she as a popular leader thanks in part to efforts to revitalize the farming industry, which is ruled by Ceres.  She also used the strategy of nationalism, which rejected foreign products, especially British, encouraging India to grow their own food, and manufacture there own products, which fits with the mythology of Ceres – especially it’s position in Scorpio, as she brought about change in India by teaching and supporting her country to care for themselves.  During her term, India was seeing great progress through the Green Revolution.  She dealt with the chronic food shortages that had effect many by modernizing and the introduction of irrigation and high-yield seed which eventually produced a surplus of grains. This perfectly fits the mythology of Cere, who was the goddess of agriculture, grain crops, fertility and agriculture, fertility, grains, and the harvest,  As the daughter of first Prime Minister she was very much the mother of the new independent India.

Pallas as your Scout Planet

Pallas as a scout planet often indicates a person who’s life calls them to be strong-willed and act on her own knowledge and wisdom. Their skillset shows a talent for using artful diplomacy rather than conflict but was ready to fight if need be. Their talents are often in the ability to lead, unify and bring together planning as well as talent in public relations. There also is often a tendency for the person to become a part of breaking through limitations imposed by society such as cultural perceptions in their life, career, or circumstances. 

My favorite textbook example of Pallas in this position is Harvey Milk (May 22, 1930), who was the first openly gay male to be elected to a political office in a large urban center. He became a major force in the gay equality movement and was responsible for passing a stringent gay rights ordinance for the city of San Francisco. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1990, twelve years after his assassination on November 27, 1978. At the time of his assassination, transiting Saturn was exactly conjunct his natal Neptune, and square his Pallas, Sun, and Mercury.

Vesta as your Scout Planet (updating)

Vesta as a Scout Planet shows dedication and purposefulness as part of how you express your solar energies to the greatest effect. In many of my clients’ charts, there is a connection with that “sacred” in expressing who they are! (updating)

Juno as your Scout Planet (updating)

With Juno as your scout planet, you place a great deal of importance in any relationship or joint venture on commitment.  “Relationship Marketing” or building close bonds with those you live, work and collaborate with is an important factor in achieving success in your life. Moving forward requires loyalty and mutual respect, and in some cases a soul connection that engenders complete trust in eachother. 

North Node as your Scout Planet

I’ve noticed that when the north node before the Natal Sun, the individual may be involved in current affairs, trends in society, politics, or world events.  It seems that it must be in close conjunction to one of the other planets, and seems to bring a more public expression to the Scout planet.  In the example of Donald Trump (see Uranus as your Scout Planet), we see how his Uranus is conjunct his north node can be seen as part of the energy that propelled him to one of the highest positions in the world, president of the United States.  We also the Uranus effects, and radical defiance of political norms, and a four year term filled with clashes, legal and political challenges, and a refusal to listen to anyone that didn’t agree with him.


Often the scout planet is also seen as a vocational indicator by many astrologers, as it does indicate an important facet of self expression, however, it’s just one of the many factors that need to be synthesized into the interpretation of the natal chart. It may be more or less important depending on it’s placement and condition (sign, house, aspects, dignity).  Traditionally, it’s house placement, ruler by house and sign, and it’s placement where considered in the interpretation,   I’m considering also including a section on these as well. 

Areas for further research!

What happens when you Scout Planet changes via progression?

What if your scout planet it Retrograde?

What if there is a huge gap between your Sun and Guiding planet?

What if your guiding planet is in an intercepted Sign?

There are a lot of more “cookbook” interpretations that have already been written, I’ve included some online resources below!


Zane Stein, Chiron As Your Scout Planet –

Your Guiding Planet: Discover your Innate Skills and Inner Faculties by Michael R. Meyer

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