If I were to give just one astrological influence that would set the tone for 2020, it would be the Pluto Saturn Conjunction on January 12, 2020!  Most astrologers that are in my circle of acquaintances knew it pointed to something significant.  However although I  foresaw a major period of disruption and transformation on a global scale, It still knocked me for a loop! 

In my practice as an astrologer, I’ve learned that it’s not the energy itself, but how any individual will likely express it that tells you what is likely to happen.  The Same is true when looking at the world in general, whether globally, a country, or governments, this rule also applies. Individually, or collectively, it’s how we choose to express these energies that determine their outcome in our world.  Often, how we respond to these energies, tells us more about ourselves, than the energies themselves!

The specific branch of astrology that looks at the cyclic patterns between planets and other points is Synodic Astrology!  It looks at the greater underlying evolutionary patterns occurring to all humanity.  The phase cycles of the Sun and Moon which is usually the only synodical cycle used in the natal chart, mostly because it has a strong personal effect!  The other cycles, especially those where one or both involve one of the outer planets show us key collective evolutionary events and opportunities occurring in our world.  

Understanding these patterns allows us to better understand the substrate of energies which the individual natal chart expresses.  Through this, we are able to better see not only the individual and their personal evolution but how they fit into the overall collective evolution of our world.

I’ve been closely looking at one of these cycles, the Saturn Pluto, conjunction of January 12, 2020, as well as the United States political drama and it’s key character and star, Donald Trump.  While I’ve chosen to use these as examples, I also see this energy expressing itself in other parts of the world, including China, Hong Kong, Venezuela as well as with the Corona Virus, and in the charts of  individuals. In doing so, I’ve made every effort to look only at the indications with an open mind, dispassionately and without bias, and let the astrological patterns, cycles, and aspects speak for themselves!

Donald Trump’s Natal Chart!

In 2016, I looked at Donald’s chart and did a quick analysis.  A few features stood out to me. Firstly, his 12th house Mars 26 Leo 46, on his Ascendant 28 Leo 11. I see the ascendent as how we project ourselves into the world, and anything else in the natal chart connected to it represents an important part of this expression.  Ideally, the ascendant shows us our “destiny”, with the rest of the chart showing our authentic being, and the ascendant shows how we may contribute this unique expression to the world. It also shows the potential challenges we may face in the world.

Leo rising is much like a crown, it can be worn by a good king or a ruthless one!  The good king is magnanimous, a true leader, inspiring, showing valor in the face of a challenge. As a result, his subject love and follow his lead out of respect.  The ruthless king, however, is a malignant narcissist, concerned only with power, praise, and demands to be served. 

Mars on his Ascendant makes him more impulsive in his actions. Mars, the planet ruling Aries, the god of war, demands loyalty.  Either you’re his friend or his enemy, and if you’re not with him you’re against him. Mars is an energy that needs expression, which makes him both impulsive and impatient!  

We also see the “Fixed star Regulus is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter (great pride, grandly liberal, commanding, cosmopolitan views.) It gives violence, destructiveness, military honor of short duration, with ultimate failure, imprisonment, violent death, success, high and lofty ideals and strength of spirit, and makes its natives, ambitious, fond of power, desirous of command, high-spirited and independent.”

I also was struck by the  Mar Saturn = Pluto midpoint structure, which sociologically is interpreted as “mass casualties”. Casualties are not necessarily just fatalities, but all that are injured through a situation or event!  As such, the injury includes physical, financial, and emotional harm resulting from his actions.  These casualties include all decisions such as separating children from their families, suffering of those who bore the costs of his failed business ventures to the deaths, and suffering due to the delay in taking decisive action early in the pandemic.  

Trump’s Natal Financial Indicators (The Art of the Steal)

Ruler of the Eighth House (Neptune)  is in the second house signifying an improvement in the position through an inheritance which would support the reports of Trump getting all his money from his father, and not from his own ventures!.  With this placement, money is seen as power, and working with other people’s money is also indicated.  Neptune is a talented storyteller and gives the gift of either inspiring the masses, or deceiving them depending on its condition and aspects.  With Mercury square Neptune, and Neptune retrograde, the latter is more likely. 

The United States Pluto Return!

Astrology uses an inception chart when looking at the “birth” of a country! An inception chart can be used to look at anything that has a beginning, such as founding a city, meeting someone for the first time, marriage, starting a company, beginning a journey, signing of a contract, starting a war,

The most used chart for the United States of America is the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, at 5:10 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  I see this chart as depicting the birth of the ideals under which the United States was formed.

In this chart, the U.S. Pluto is at 27 degrees Capricorn.  Pluto’s cycle through the zodiac takes 248 years, which means that the United States is currently experiencing its first full cycle of Pluto, referred to in Astrology as a Pluto return.  This could be another entire article or talk on its own but suffice for our purposes here, I’ll summarize it as the end of a cycle which results in the review and an evaluation of the ideals upon which the nation was founded.  It’s also an opportunity to let go of what no longer serves the nation, and implementing something better!

While Trump’s Saturn opposes the U.S. Pluto, Joe Biden’s Sun is EXACTLY sextile to the degree and minute to it.  Trump’s opposition, a disharmonious aspect, shows challenges to the United States.  This is astrological testimony to Trump opposing the transformations that the United States is undergoing, while Biden embraces and works to harmoniously bring about changes the country is undergoing.

The other indication of this is that this is not over, as the United States Pluto Return is only starting, and only reach a peak in 2024, just in time for the next election.

Trump’s Connection with the Saturn Pluto Conjunction.

Trump’s chart closely connects the Pluto Saturn conjunction at 22 Capricorn that occurred on January 20, 2020!  This conjunction is Quincunx his Sun at 22 degrees Gemini; his Mars at 26 degrees Leo and also opposite his Saturn at 23 degrees Cancer. 

The aspect pattern above, a Yod, sometimes called “finger of god”, is seen to indicate major irrevocable events which bring about circumstances and situations that require major adjustments. One quincunx on it’s own can act as  a high-intensity energy and impetus for necessary evolution.  The Yod contains two inconjunctions, integrated by a sextile and in this case, also forms an opposition between his Saturn and the Saturn Pluto conjunction.  The addition of Saturn opposition is actually a modified Yod, see boomerang below!

I’ve seen many Yod formations in my clients natal and synastry charts, and find it brings about complex and challenging interactions that compel them to go through life-changing situations that they would have never experienced on their own. I’m sure we’ll see this same effect, only in this case between the collective consciousness, and Donald Trump in his role as president of the United states. 

Looking at each part of the Yod!

To prevent confusion, I’m looking at two different Yods, the first is the  Boomerang Yod that forms with Donald Trump’s Mars and Sun with the Pluto Saturn Conjunction of January 2020, which is examined below, and the second Yod occurring Pluto, North Node and Vesta between September 29 to Oct 4th when Saturn and Pluto both go direct, which will be discussed later.

Sun in Gemini love to share information, and are great at picking up ideas and interesting anecdotes which they enthusiastically will share, often without having thoroughly looked at all the details, likely because they have a short attention span. With the Sun in the 10th house, they want success and recognition and fulfillment in life can only come from taking up the challenge of making their mark in the world. The Sun in this position desires to become socially influential and advance towards public recognition.  As the Sun is deposited by Mercury in the 11th house, this desire for power extends to colleagues, social circles, and political affiliations. . Trump’s love of talking to large groups in his rallies is a perfect expression of Mercury in the 11th.  

Mars in Leo is on his Ascendant is Sextile Sun. With this placement, we see the need for recognition connected with and amplifying his drive for personal power.  Although Mars conjunct the Ascendant, it does so from the 12th house, which shows an element of concealment, secretiveness with his true motives.  As Mars deposited by the Sun, we see the connections with his desire for recognition amplified.

Pluto conjunct Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto Quincunx Mars and Sun is a configuration that topples empires!  Pluto is transformation on the ultimate level, it’s volcanic, bringing up what is hidden from below the surface, and in the process burning away everything, reducing that which is consumed to ashes which also provides what is needed for regrowth and renewal!

The Saturn Pluto conjunction occurred in Capricorn, which is the ruling sign of Saturn which represents “the old guard”, “the establishment”, entrenched bureaucracy, organizations and all abstract or literal structures. Saturn Pluto brings it’s transformative nature to that which Saturn indicates no longer serving us, bringing about the circumstances and situation required to evolve society, often very overtly forcefully.

Trump’s Saturn opposite transiting Saturn creates a type of mutated Yod, called a “boomerang” in which the fourth point provides what is missing in a Yod configuration which a senses of understanding what the purpose or goal of the Yod is.  Where the Yod on it’s own often seems like unexpected or “fated” events, with the boomerang those involved at least have some idea of the changes and adjustments they are involved in.  The danger with this configuration is that it can become so focused that it can spin out of control, taking over the individual, controlling them, rather than them controlling it!  Often obsession is the result, and the individual is completely consumed.  I’ve seen this occur in relationship charts, where it irrevocably changes the lives of both individuals.

T-Square: Mars (retrograde) opposite Astraea Square Pluto Saturn! 

Mars is retrograde in Aries September 9, to Friday, November 13 which means it will last until 10 days after the US election on November 3. 

Mars usually indicated action, pushing forward, however, Mars is retrograde, which internalizes this energy.  It has a passive-aggressive side, hidden anger, and suppression (which leads to lashing out in anger). This energy will likely result in Trump lashing out behind the scenes, demanding actions of retaliation if he loses (looks like it’s going to be a contentious election), as well as a refusal to concede. 

Looking back at past Mars retrograde can give us insight into what might be experienced in this cycle.  Mars was last retrograde from June 26 – Aug 27, 2018 (in Capricorn & Aquarius) turning retrograde at 9 degrees Aquarius moving backward to 28 degrees Capricorn. 

This is the period (July 16, 2018) in which President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in a summit (also known as the Trump–Putin summit) at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland. At the joint press conference, Trump reiterates both his faulting of “U.S. foolishness and stupidity” and the Mueller investigation for the freeze in relations between Russia and the United States and his refusal to recognize the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 U.S. elections, despite extensive assessments by United States intelligence agencies..

If the past repeats itself, I think that this might point to voter suppression, or some sort of interference, possibly a refusal to accept the outcome of the election resulting in a backlash, riots, and protests.  Civil unrest or an “enough is enough” situation.  Coupled this with the Mercury square Venus (see below), it could indicate the first non-peaceful transfer of power of the presidential office? This is definitely supported by Astraea opposite Mars, where personal will (Mars) collide with Social justice (Astraea).

The final Yod we see gives us a potential glimpse of what this whole drama is about! North Node at 23 degrees Gemini always represents the evolutionary path forward, individually or collectively, this likely will be the collective (or at least the majority) realization of the need for unity. This sextiles (harmoniously connects) with Vesta at 23 degrees Leo 30, which is “what is sacred to us” which in this case is the constitutional democracy, and the focal point of the Yod, Pluto at 22 degrees Capricorn, shows major transformations, and a need for the public to take back their power.

On Election Day

On November 3rd, the day of the election, Trump’s Mercury is square with his Venus, and his Venus is square Mercury.  Both are exact (same degree). My experience is that these double aspects amplify each other.  The traditional interpretation of this aspect is debates, arguments, and disagreements. My thoughts are that this could show the election results being called into question.  This gives us yet another testimony to the chaos surrounding the election.  (see Mars Retrograde during the election)

We also see transiting Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto opposite Trumps Saturn. This is a triple hit by the very planetary significators of the Transformations occurring in our world (Pluto, Saturn and Pluto), with Trump’s status (Saturn)!   As the aspect is an opposition, the very nature of the relationship. I’ll break down the three oppositions below, and then provide a synthesis of the three operating together, showing how the amplify each other, however, simply put, when you have the three big players in the collective reality opposing a single point (Trumps Saturn), the outcome, although possibly after a long battle, is not likely to come out in Trump’s favor. Trump’s Saturn in Cancer is often seen in the chart of bullying, and childish emotional behavior, such as name calling, and Ad hominem attacks.

The Jupiter Saturn opposition is simply going against or resisting (Saturn) the policy, and pronounced findings or judgements (Jupiter).  Saturn opposite Saturn is an important part of the “boomerang” chart pattern I outlined above, it shows a battle of wills between “the establishment” and processes of society and Trump’s attempts to assert his authority.  This is meant to bring order as well as keep the balance of power in check.  It’s interesting to note that Saturn represents the conservative and Jupiter represents the Progressive in politics. 

Pluto Opposite Saturn, when we consider the rest of Trump’s natal chart of using a “scorched earth” strategy that will affect the country for years to come, if he doesn’t get his way.

These three aspects together show what I expect to manifest as one of the most contentious battles for power in the history of the presidency.  


‘Those who can make you believe absurditiescan make you commit atrocities.’ – Voltaire

I think the flowing quote from Michael Cohen sums up what can be concluded from the analysis above.

 “In these dangerous days, I see the Republican party and Trump’s followers threatening the constitution – which is in far greater peril than is commonly understood – and following one of the worst impulses of humankind: the desire for power at all costs.”  Michael Cohen From “Disloyal: True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J.Trump”

As noted in the analysis of the current planetary transits, and how they activate Trump’s nativity. The current world events around January 12th, with Pluto conjunct Saturn (the beginning of the pandemic) was the start of a collective challenge which called for Trump to choose between his need for power and recognition, as signified by the inconjunctions.  

With Pluto and Saturn shifting their directions from retrograde to stationary direct, which is when they resume their forward direction, we should see some sort of “outward reckoning” of his actions begin.  

Finally, with Mars retrograde during the election, likely indicating a very contentious election, where the outcome may not be determined until well after the election.  

Mars goes direct about 10 days after the election, which is likely to be around when things outwardly start moving forward, while Mars moves forward over the same degrees it has already covered, commonly referred to as the planet’s shadow.  This could be a redo of the election in some respect, most likely a recount, or supreme court appeals. 


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