There is another pandemic that seems to be occurring beside and parallel to the Corona Virus Pandemic!  But until now this pandemic has not been spreading as widely and quickly due to the lack of susceptible hosts.  Lately, however, it’s become apparent that potential hosts become more vulnerable during times of stress, which lowers our immunity, creating the perfect environment for it’s transmission.

The following are the symptoms you need to look for, and the protocols that you may follow to prevent yourself from being infected.  First of all, look for the symptoms, which are FEAR, ANXIETY, MISTRUST, and BLAME!  This may indicate that you’ve been exposed by someone who has been infected. Direct contact is not the only medium by which this pandemic is spreading, it also can spread through social media, mainstream media, or any interface that connects you with others.  You can recognize a possible infected medium by high levels of drama and inflammatory intent.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to prevent the exposure from becoming a full out infection.  Firstly Identify the source of infection, and socially distance yourself from it.  Isolation from those who are already infected may also be necessary!

Second, WASH YOUR MIND frequently.  Ask yourself, Do I Really Know if this is True? Even if it’s true or not try, am I really making a difference by sharing it?  Am I being asked to “buy-in” to a narrative that is being promoted by someone?

One of the real vulnerabilities this infection is exploits is the egoic mind’s is fear of what we don’t know, which creates an “us and them” paradigm!  it, therefore, feeds our “need to know”, and that others must be responsible for what we are experiencing, this leaves us vulnerable to all kinds of unproven fanatically supported conspiracy theories.  

Don’t be an asymptomatic spreader! You can do this by avoiding picking up and sharing unproven posts and memes!  While you might find it tempting, even though your not sure, or questioning if it’s real and safe, there are many out there that are more susceptible.  If you must share, fact-check information with a reputable source

One of the best ways to vaccinate your ego against this infection is to realize that it’s okay not to have all the answers, and know that things will unfold and be revealed in the fullness of time.  Become a consciously aware observer of your mind and thoughts, and stay present so you don’t get swept away in this second pandemic.

‘Those who can make you believe absurditiescan make you commit atrocities.’ – Voltaire

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