AstroTalk Birth Chart Report with Current Major Transits



Our AstroTalk Report is the most comprehensive written report that looks at your Birth (aka Natal Chart) and Current Major Transits.  With up to 40 pages of information, it provides an in-depth look at your birth influence in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand. In this report, we cover most of the major areas of life that people ask an astrologer, such as your talents and abilities, relationship potentials, career and where you are likely to find success, children, and much more.   In addition, it also provides a look at your current major transits that are in effect in your chart.  

We know that written reports can not replace a session with an experienced professional astrologer!  For those who want more, you will also receive a $20.00 credit/coupon that you can use to book a full virtual (via Zoom) session with Chandler Armstrong, Astrologer. To redeem, reply to the email you receive with your report.

This report is sent to your email address as a PDF document. Please allow two business days for delivery.


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