Are You the Dream, or the Dreamer?

We are all part of the Dream of Creation.. all of us! The only difference is some of us are “awakening” and connecting with ourselves as the “Conscious Dreamer” while so many others remain asleep, and unaware of their role in creating their particular “reality”. How can you tell who is awakening?

They are the ones that are dreaming a NEW reality for themselves and creating harmony, joy, and abundance in their lives and the world around them. Those who have lost their connection with the dream often live an unconscious reality that resembles a nightmare!

Everything in the world of the manifest is truly cyclic in nature, as all that has a beginning, has an end! Astrology is truly one of the most effective, and time-tested tools for exploring the process by which all things move from the unmanifest to the manifest!

Astrology is an Illusion!

Some may find it odd that, while I profess to be an “astrologer” or one who studies and applies the cycles of the cosmos to the matters of this world; I have come to the opinion that astrology itself is an illusion!

While it is a valuable tool of analysis of the matrix from which all things emerge from one source, astrology itself is part of the manifest world, and therefore, part of the illusion!

Still, whilst many well-intended astrologers have wielded the vast wisdom found within the language of the cosmos to pander to the egoic pursuits of those looking for some sort of external validation of who they are – astrology’s greater purpose, when properly understood, is to provide the necessary insights that lead to awakening!

This doesn’t mean it loses it’s value as to “predictive tool”, but rather, by providing an understanding of how and what we manifest in our life, it empowers us to become conscious creator and begin to participate in creating the manifestation of our own reality. 

We Don’t Find Happiness, It is our Authentic Nature!

It is the egoic mind – who loves to analyze, compare, and label – that turns astrology into a means to an end, whether it is further supplementing the ego’s delusion of who they are, why they are special, when will they finally find their true purpose, or will they find happiness!

Our Separation for the Divine, the One is the real illusion, albeit a necessary one to create this “space-time” illusion necessary for the adventure of consciousness we’ve chosen to embark on!

We all came here with an innate “knowing” that we are divine expressions of the whole, but somehow lose this connection as we get caught up in the game! Slowly we become “conditioned” by family, society, and other game players that are also lost in the illusion of separateness.

As it was put so well by Poet and Novelist Don Williams in his often-quoted words “The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.”

Astrology is a Pointer to Our Authentic Self!

Pure astrology, I believe, makes no judgments of who or what is better or worse, suggests no path or course; but instead is a pointer to the authentic self that flows from source, which once discovered naturally finds its expression in the world. It is this expression of the authentic self, flowing from the unmanifest, the source – call it what you will, that is our manifest destiny.

The loss of this connection may well be this awareness being expressed in the biblical verse “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done; there is nothing new under the sun” Ecclesiastes 1:9.

When we become completely lost in the illusionary world “under the sun” that has become manifest around us, we become lost in the forgetfulness of who we are and wonder lost in a dream that seems to repeat over and over again.

As astrologers, it is in understanding how the cycles and indications in the chart are being expressed consciously, or unconsciously by an individual that we can begin to move beyond the illusion, and become the witnessing presence of how divinity is expressing itself through them.

Seeing Beyond Limitations!

It is when astrology permits us to provide a glimpse of who we are beyond our perceived limitations that we began to find its true value as a tool for awakening. The universe is always “perfect”, and both chaos and coincidence are only illusions created out of our limited perspectives!

Every choice made, even those that may be experienced as suffering, or seem unwanted, is always moving us towards our ultimate goal, self-realization!  Astrology provides a deeper perspective beyond the frustrations created by the circumstance and situations and facilitates an understanding of how we are creating our life.  Once we begin to become consciously aware of the patterns in our astrological chart, we become witness to the patterns creating our reality. It is only then that we may become conscious creators of a more harmonious life experience.

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” – Eckhart Tolle

Are you ready to awaken? Let’s explore what you are dreaming into reality.. and start to awaken to the wondrous creator you truly are!  An astrological session is a great place to start!  

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