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I practice Esoteric Astrology, which can be defined as the “Astrology of the Soul”!  I take my work seriously, and see astrology as a tool for awakening!  It helps you break free from the conditioned self to align with your authentic self and your expression in the world.  Are you ready to uncover who you really are? “You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.” ~ Eckhart Tolle 

About Me

5 Generations of Tradition!

Chandler’s training in astrology began at a very early age through his Grand Father, a well known European Astrologer from Scotland, a Theosophist, and a member of two western tradition mystery schools. Years of early training, as well as a passion for seeking a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life, an interest in several other metaphysical studies, eastern and western spiritual traditions – instilled a great depth to his work, and the wisdom shared in his consultations. His early career in astrology started when he was only 17 years of age, making him one of the youngest in his profession to achieve renown as a Master Astrologer.  His proficiency in astrology comes from the thousands of Astrological Sessions he has provided to people from virtually all walks of life.  Now with 30+ years of experience, he continues to be a much sought-after consultant, adviser, and teacher.  

Past President of the Fraser Valley Astrology Guild

5-Star Rating on Google, Yelp, Alignable, & Keen Adviser

Guest on dozens of Television Talk Shows, and former weekly astrology columnist in Lakesider Newspapers.


This is the second session I’ve had with Chandler and I was impressed how much more detail was added to my information. I find his detailed preparations, along with the notes and explanations give me an excellent understanding of what is happening in my life. He revisited our last meeting then connected it to where I am now. Chandler has knowledge, skill and intuition to make the best of a session. For the second time I left the meeting with knowledge of what was happening in my life and relationships, and some ideas on how to address the challenges. In a kind and supportive manner he helped me find a way to look at things from a bigger picture (karmic) and to address things from there. A heartfelt thank you Chandler!

Janice Batman, Vancouver, BC 1/4/2023,

My first experience with Chandler was nothing short of exceptional. He went above and beyond in his preparation and in the session as a whole. Kind and extremely knowledgeable. I have had many sessions in Europe and can honestly say I have not met someone as overtly passionate and well read in as him in this field. I can wholeheartedly recommend Chandler for any type of astrological session

Karina Virkstene, Vancouver, BC

Chandler is an amazing Astrologer! He explains to you in simple words what really matters in your chart and how you can apply this in your practical life. He gives clarity and directions on how you can utilize your challenges and expand your gifts. I love working with him, he gives me a wider vision for my expansion in business and personal affairs. He has a compassionate heart and highest intention for your highest potential and greater version of yourself. Highly recommended Astrologer in the Universe. Blessings of miracles, Teza

Leah Faye Bolton, Past President of The Astrological Association of Western Canada

Chandler is very grounded. He has a very strong energy which allows him to travel through Time and Space safely and bring detailed and accurate visions to his clients. His mind is strong too which allows him to get connected to several space-time dimensions simultaneously. This allows him to perceive so well how planets interact with each other. Above all, he talks with his heart and expands his consciousness to help others using his numerous gifts. I highly recommend you book a session with Chandler.

Leah Fay, Vancouver, BC, Canada

When I found Chandler online I was surprised with the variety of ways to approach a reading. I asked him to direct the session and he did an amazing job of it. Chandler obviously did a lot of work prior to our session. It was obvious because of the notes and the details included. I learned 2 pivotal items about where I need to focus for my growth in this life. This was put into context through his insight into my life experiences and chart aspects. He pulled the threads together in a strong summary of it all. He is straight forward, thoughtful in expressing his information and genuine in being non-judgemental. I will be booking another appointment once I’ve focused on what he has already told me. Thank you Chandler!

Janice Bateman, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just received express comparative readings of my two daughters and myself. Chandler provided an accurate reading of the past and great insight into karmic family patterns.

Gillian Gunn, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I've known Chandler for years (in this lifetime - laugh - a lot more than that in past lives). He is a friend, mentor and astrology teacher. Recently I had a brief reading with him, and he said I may be having surgery in mid-January. I just found out that I will be having a surgical procedure exactly when he said I would. His knowledge of astrology is among the best I've ever known. As the head writer for, I highly recommend getting a reading with him.

Brandi Jasmine, CEO @

I was so impressed with the level of detail and the information that Chandler provided in my reading. I'd had readings done before however Chandlers was better than I could have expected. I definitely recommend his services to all my family and friends! Thanks for the insight Chandler!

Lize Fortin, General Session Client

Chandlers take on astrology is simply breathtaking, there is no doom and gloom astrology with him . He answered all of my questions above and beyond and was able to give me answers to my souls direction , the average potential ( which was not negative at all ) and the highest potential for my soul! Even afterwards he has answered questions that have come up ! I will most definitely be recommending him to family and friends and using his services again ! Thank you so much for everything Chandler !

Brittany Hantermar, Student of Astrology, Fort St. John, BC, Canada

Simply the BEST astrology reading I have ever had!

Debra Mezler, Shaman @ The Mehl Foundation, Huston TX, USA

Chandler's session was to the point, in-depth, coherent and pervasive to the many elements of my chart. I highly recommend Chandler's services

Dr Richard A. Jelusic, CEO @ Light News, Author, San Diego, CA, USA

I've known Chandler for a number of years now and he never ceases to amaze me with what he knows. His readings have all been spot on! His ability to pull out from the ethers what is going on in my life is strong, accurate, and powerful. Lucky me to have met this amazing man.

Monika Huppertz, Healer @ Whole Heart Energy Healing, Edmonton, AB, Canada

My Blog

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My Services

Every session is personally tailored to your needs! Chandler prepares for each session by considering each aspect of your chart and  how they are likely to be expressed in your life situation.  This results in sessions that his clients find highly insightful, accurate, and empowering!

Understanding Yourself

General Astrology Sessions

General Sessions are a classical astrology overview of your natal (birth-chart), progressed chart and current transits. In esoteric astrology, the natal chart is carefully examined as the “intention of incarnation” or from the perceptive of why the greater you choose to participate in life. It contains all the potentials that you brought into this life (dharma) as well as the challenges (karma) you will likely experience in this life.

Understanding Your Relationships

Relationship Analysis

Relationship Analysis Sessions use several techniques including Synastry to look into the “chemistry” of two people, and while most often may be applied to intimate relationships, can be used  to understand your relationships with children, parents, business partners, and even business, corporations, or virtually anything you “relate to”. Composite Charts to examine the relationship as a fusion of the two individuals involved, unlike Synastry, which shows the impact of one individual upon the other. Together with a look at current transits, directions and progressions are activating your chart, we look in depth at the relationship your shared karma and destiny.

A Deeper Look!

Past Lives Influences

Your astrological chart is full of past life information! Your character, destiny, life purpose and experiences are not created by accident, they are a result of karma that has been a part of your journey for many lifetimes. This service requires 2 hour of pre-consultation research – which is included in the price. Your natal chart, when analyses by a trained past life astrological consultant sorts out the various indications and aspects in your astrological chart to reveal the answers to why you are as you are and what you brought with you into this life, as well as what you need in this life to bring balance to your soul’s journey. This consultation is a bit more as there is more preparation involved

Finding your purpose and Success!

Business, Career & Vocational Astrology

Judging career aptitudes, areas that are likely to provide professional fulfillment and financial success as well as a personal growth are analysed in dept in this session. Topics such a judging new businesses, partnerships and timing can also be covered.

Horary Analysis

Horary Astrology, next to lunar astrology is perhaps the oldest form of astrology! In the modern world, astrology is commonly used to predict life directions, personality traits and future cycles, however, horary is an elegant and powerful technique that is based on the premise that the answer to every possible question is hidden in the moment when we become aware of it! 

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